Bunny Basket: Oma Rapeti


New to Vinty, these little cuties are a result of my own children's imaginative play. Together we often make beds for their toys. Using the beds, my children role play the bedtime routine and starting the day. I can hear their little making their toys say goodnight and mimicking them snoring in their little beds. They pop these beside their beds, in their dolls houses, they build rooms for them and have even taken them on car journeys. These are a true instigator of play and enjoyment. They are absolutely perfect for school holidays.

Each bunny comes with a basket bed and bunny toy/cushion of their very own.
Each 15cm basket contains:
A mattress
A blanket
A pillow
A bunny cushion
A bunny (10cm approx)

Each bunny and their bedding are handmade by me and are nestled in a bamboo basket.